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    Miriam is a specialist paediatric dietitian with over 10 years experience helping children and their families.
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Welcome to Child Nutrition

Miriam Raleigh is a Paediatric Dietitian with over 10 years of experience helping children and their families with a range of nutrition concerns.

Miriam provides one-on-one consultations to families in Melbourne, as well as via Telehealth to families in Rural Victoria, Interstate and Internationally.

Miriam also provides group sessions to mothers groups, school parent groups and corporate teams about childhood nutrition topics to help ensure our next generation grow into healthy adults.

Latest Posts

    • 25/10/2017
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    Meal Planning 101

    Meal Planning 101

    As a working mum myself, I find the juggle of getting meals on the table can be quite tricky some weeks. As a result of the stress involved in trying to get nutritious meals on the table, I decided to embrace Meal Planning to try to simplify things for myself and give me more time
    • 18/10/2017
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    Child Nutrition’s Top 5 Tips For A Healthy Lunchbox Salad

    Child Nutrition’s Top 5 Tips For A Healthy Lunchbox Salad

    While we are in the middle of sandwich-free lunchbox ideas over on Facebook, we thought it would be helpful to pull together our top tips for a well balanced lunchbox salad. 1. Gain inspiration for your lunchbox salad from the evening meal the night before There is almost always a component of an evening meal