Halloween – How to handle the stash of treats

While Halloween is an American past time, I have found in recent years that it is becoming a festivity that many Australian children are partaking in too. While dressing up and door knocking can be fun, how do you manage the excess of treats that inevitably come home after the fun is over?

Top Tips to Manage the Halloween Excess

  1. Be sure to send your children out trick or treating on a full stomach. Give them a wholesome and balanced meal (including some protein, some carbohydrate and some vegetables) so that they are not too hungry when they set out.
  2. Try to visit homes of school friends, friendly neighbours and family.
  3. When they bring their treat haul back home, encourage them to have one or two of their favourite items while they tell you about all of the decorations and costumes they saw along the way.
  4. Try to help them choose their top 5 favourite items from the remainder of their stash to have as treats throughout the coming weeks (choose the days of the week that they will have them) and decide where to send the rest of the treats that didn’t make the top 5 choices. Some good options are:
    • Send the leftovers to a parent or siblings workplaces for morning tea treats for a workplace.
    • Setting up a stand and selling them and giving the proceeds to a charity supporting families without access to adequate food.
    • Throwing them out.
  5. Remember that treats have a place in a well balanced diet and that there is no need to refer to these treats negatively. Moderation is the key and teaching our children about giving to those who have less is incredibly important.
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