• Which yoghurt is best?

    Which yoghurt is best?

    Yoghurt is a fantastic snack. It is a good source of protein, probiotics and it is low GI (glycaemic index). Low GI foods keep you fuller for longer! With the ever increasing range of yoghurts available in the fridge aisle, I am forever being asked which is the best one to choose. The answer isRead more
  • Diet and Constipation

    Diet and Constipation

    Diet and Constipation Constipation is when a child has hard bowel movements or when they do not go to the toilet regularly. There is a large variation in what will be a ‘normal’ bowel motion from one child to the next and the only time you need to worry about the consistency or frequency of

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  • Tips to manage with a fussy eater

    Tips to manage with a fussy eater

    Juggling work and family life, and making sure there is always something nutritious on the table, or in the lunchbox, is a real challenge. Having a fussy eater can make that task even more challenging, and frustrating. In most cases, fussy eating is often just your child’s way of asserting their ability to make decisions

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  • Navigating Food Labels

    Navigating Food Labels

    Whether you need to avoid certain food ingredients due to allergies or intolerances, or you may just be trying to make the healthiest choices for your family, navigating food labels can be extremely overwhelming. In this article, we hope to help make it easier for you to find the products you are looking for, without

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