• Treat Days

    Treat Days

    Some of us call them treats, others call them dessert, and sometimes they are called ‘sometimes foods’. Whatever your lingo, there are a group of foods that provide ‘Great Pleasure’ for many people who consume them, but not the best nutrition for our bodies.  Which foods count as treats? As a general rule, the foodsRead more
  • Reducing added salt in your family’s diet

    Reducing added salt in your family’s diet

    Sugar and fat are regular headline features in the press these days and while this has encouraged some food manufacturers to work to improve these parameters in their products, unfortunately salt has been largely overlooked and the levels of sodium added to our processed foods has hit some alarming highs. What is Salt? Salt, orRead more
  • Our favourite homemade frozen treats

    Our favourite homemade frozen treats

    Summer time means hot weather and the all important cool treats! While there is nothing wrong with an occasional ice cream, we thought we'd pull together our favourite homemade options to make this treat more 'daily' than 'occasional'! 1. The frozen banana Image: http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/choc-dipped-frozen-bananas/563ed095-a538-44d6-ac42-7634e4ddb840 As a child, I remember a family trip to Disneyland andRead more
  • What is a healthy weight?

    What is a healthy weight?

    Children, just like adults come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately though, with many children being overweight and obese in Australia, it can be hard to distinguish which children are underweight, those who are a healthy weight, and those who are overweight. What weight should my child be? The answer to this questionRead more